Meet the Tool You Need to Get Your Freelance Life Started!

Let's face it - There is nothing more frustrating than knowing that you were meant for something bigger. You feel like you're stuck in a boring life and never seem to find the time to reflect on what you'd like to do instead.

Besides, you wouldn't even know where to start!



Your Insta-feed is full of digital nomads sharing their travel pics, power moms running their businesses from home and motivating quotes that leave you all pumped up to quit your job and live the life you always wanted.

But if you're honest to yourself, you know that that's it. Once you close that dreamy app, your dreams also go hide somewhere between "I'd better hurry up" and "I'll think about it later".

There's nothing more disheartening than feeling both bored and overwhelmed at the same time. You know that you should be doing some research. Maybe you've even thought about contacting some potential customers.

And yet, nothing has changed.

  • You're afraid to quit your job and lose your financial security
  • You're sure that there must be a way, but - heck - you can't even find any time to sit down and plan your next steps
  • You have no idea where to start.

Other people make it look easy. But for you, it's been anything but. You thought that the hard part was going to be figuring out what you would do, but as it turns out, that was just the beginning. And now you feel like you must be missing something.

And you're not alone. Most creative souls struggle when it comes to planning the actual steps they need to take.

The truth is that working for yourself is a game-changer, one that will let you take control of your time, work whenever it best suits you, and - yes - post gorgeous pics of your own life on Insta!

So what if there was a way to make sure you got really started?


And I want to help you start freelancing, once and for all.


I'm a content creator, travel addict, passionate teacher, and planning freak!

18 years ago, I was working as a translator at an international company. Living far away from my family, I couldn't stand it that I had to beg for free days to visit them.

The day I quit my job, I felt free. I stopped working for other people's dreams and started working for my own dreams instead.

Let me tell you a secret about becoming self-employed: Changing your mindset might be the first BIG decision you have to make, but you need a clear roadmap to reach such a life-changing goal.

As it was really hard to figure it all out by myself, I decided to put my freelancing expertise to good use and help other women to start turning dreams into plans.

And that is how the Work for YouTM Planner was born.


Imagine having a detailed roadmap to start your freelance business

Here's what that would look like...

  • You would work for your own dreams and be your own boss!
  • You could work from anywhere, whether it is your home, the beach or a coffee house. Your call!
  • You would be in control of your time and set your own schedule.
  • You would actually find more time to work on the future version of yourself.
  • You would feel excited and happy to wake up in the morning and work on all those tasks on your to-do list because you would be investing time in yourself.

"Whenever I embark on a new project and start laying out its foundation, planning is my cornerstone.

The Work for You™ Planner stands out in a world flooded with thousands of other planners that promise to help you reach your goals. And while those planners might help, the Work for You™ Planner gets specific. It enables you to achieve ONE particular purpose: to launch a successful freelancing career with step-by-step instructions.

Consider the Work for You™ Planner not only a place to organize your thoughts but also your coach and cheerleader in your journey to freelancing."

Flavia Andrews
Founder of Neat House. Sweet Home®.


The ideal companion for your journey into freelancing

The Work for You Planner is not a regular planner. It has been designed to help you figure out the steps needed to take the leap and start freelancing.

With a more than easy-to-understand language, this powerful tool will help you write your business plan, set your goals, set your budget, calculate your rates & prices, plan the steps and stay on track.

If your mind can't stop playing with the idea of quitting your job and starting a business on your own, you need a copy of the Work for You Planner.

Dare to Dream

Yep, you are allowed to have dreams, my friend! But make sure that you put them on paper, and turn those dreams into goals.

Plan the Steps

Once you know what you want, you need to set an overall strategy, and define the exact steps that will help you achieve your goals. 

Take Action

Finding the time to actually complete each step will be key for you to take action and start freelancing. Let the Work for You Planner help you!

The first step does NOT need to be hard




Get the passport to self-employment. 

When you purchase the planner, you will see that it has two main sections separated by beautifully colored tab pages, "The Workbook" and "The Planner." 

Consider both sections as the ideal companions to start a fascinating journey into freelancing:

  • The Workbook is your travel guide, the roadmap that shows you how to get to your destination step by step. You will learn how to
    • design your own adventure,
    • manage your time and work with deadlines,
    • get completely focused on what really matters,
    • set your budget and financial goals,
    • and calculate your rates and prices.
  • The Planner is your travel journal. Once you have chosen the route you are going to take for your journey, the planner will provide you with a safe place to
    • plan and organize your days, weeks and months,
    • write about your progress,
    • record your finances,
    • keep track of your goals and timelines,
    • review and adapt your tasks to your journey.

You will feel so confident that you will never wonder again whether you'll be able to get it all done by yourself. 'Cause guess what. You're no longer by yourself.

Discover the Workbook

You will never feel like you're on your own in your journey to self-employment.

With the Workbook, you will always know what to do, when and how.
Mad-Lib style.

In the Workbook, you will find 5 steps that will help you create your business plan, come up with your positioning statement, plan your financial freedom, set your rates & prices, and - last but not least - find the time to do it all!

Step 1

Create your business plan

Step 2

Plan your financial freedom

Step 3

Set your rates & prices

Step 4

Plan your time

Step 5

Set your goals

Discover the Planner

This is the place where you can apply everything you learned and decided in the Workbook.

The Planner is designed to adapt to your timelines and to your lifestyle, not the other way around. It will remind you to set your goals and to adapt them if necessary. The Planner will be there for you in every step of the way.


Freelancers don't really care about months, weeks or days like any traditional employee would do.

So feel free to use this gorgeous undated planner and start your year whenever you want.

Create your business plan

Goal-Setting Helper

Set your yearly, quarterly and monthly goals, and plan the steps you will have to take on a weekly basis.

Let your planner turn your overwhelming to-do tasks into a clear and structured plan.

Looking Back to Move Forward

After each month, you will be able to review how your progress, and change any goals if you need to.

Create your business plan

Guided Weekly Planning

Thanks to your weekly view, you will see everything you need to do at a glance. This will prevent you from planning too much. Yep. You are supposed to take breaks, my friend!

Monthly Budget

Set and review your monthly revenue and costs. And then, raise your rates accordingly.

Create your business plan

Digital Version

As beautiful as the Work for You Planner may look on your desk, we freelancers cannot live without our laptop and digital tools. You wanted to work from everywhere, remember?

What Is Your Time Worth?

Freelancing isn't just a matter of not having a boss. It is a lifestyle.

You get to choose where and how you spend your days. And that means that you are the one in control of your time.  

When will you stop working for other people's dreams?

Get your Work for You Planner now, while supplies last.

Choose the option that works best for you

Digital Planner


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  • Digital copy of the Planner & Workbook to load on your tablet
  • Access to the Work for You Masterplan, where you will learn how to use the planner

Hardcover Planner* + Digital Copy


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  • 8.3 x 9.9" Planner & Workbook
  • 340 undated pages printed in inkjet color
  • Hardcover with wire-o binding
  • Digital copy of the Planner & Workbook to load on your tablet
  • Access to the Work for You Masterplan, where you will learn how to use the planner

* Only available for shipping to the USA, Canada, and Mexico.


The Full Deal

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  • 1-hour 1-on-1 consultation
  • 8.3 x 9.9" Planner & Workbook
  • 340 undated pages printed in inkjet color
  • Hardcover with wire-o binding
  • Digital copy of the Planner & Workbook to load on your tablet
  • Access to the Work for You Masterplan, where you will learn how to use the planner

"The Work for You Planner has helped me put order to all my ideas through very easy and clear steps.

I was pretty much lost with what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it and now have the feeling of WOW, was it that easy then?

I could finally bring into paper and give shape to all those ideas and plans."

Sandra Vivas


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